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About recordkeeper

recordkeeper is conveniently located just 25 miles South of Boston on Route 24. We service all of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, southern New Hampshire, and Eastern Connecticut. We recently invested over $1.5 million in our new, state-of-the-art facility


We Are Locally Owned:
recordkeeper is the largest independent records storage and management company in New England. We're also one of the oldest with more than a quarter century of experience.

Our list of satisfied clients reads like a Who's Who in business. Among our clients are prestigious law and accounting firms, leading hospitals, multi-national manufacturers, award-winning architectural firms and ad agencies. While some competitors emphasize their national scope, we pride ourselves on our New England roots and our longtime, personal relationships with our clients. We believe that we provide a value-added service that the big guys can't offer: The peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly who is safeguarding your vital records.

Our Mission:
recordkeeper is committed to providing the safest, most efficient and dependable information storage and management services in the industry. Our goal is to safeguard our clients' vital business records, retrieve and deliver them upon request - in the shortest time possible. As recognized experts in our industry, we advise on retention schedules and timely, secure records destruction.

Meeting A Growing Need:
Instead of reducing demand, technological advances have actually served to increase our appetite for paper. 

Paper usage in U.S. offices is increasing by 20% each year. It is estimated that this year American business will consume six trillion pages in copiers, fax machines and printers. While much of this will be recycled or destroyed shortly after being produced, much of the paperwork involves legal documents, business contracts, leases, medical records, employee data, patent and copyright certificates, and other key data that must be kept from three years to forever.

 While active files should usually be stored on-site for quick retrieval and reference, it is not always cost-effective to store inactive records on-site. After all, who has the space? And who wants to pay high rent to store less active files in first-class office space?

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